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Our team REALLY needs you and here’s why…

The story of one of our players, Eric Phillips.

Because we have made quality education such a priority, the cost of putting a player through the Academy is significant.  However, the return on this expense is going to be incredible.  We believe these  young men are developing the character and ability to give far more back to society than we’ve invested in them, whether as top footballers or great leaders in other spheres.  Change a life – change society.

To see each player through 6 years of education, our strategy is to build a large, growing family of teammates each giving just a small amount each month, rather than relying heavily on a few major donors.  In just a couple of minutes, you can become a teammate by signing up for a recurring monthly sponsorship towards a player’s education using the PayPal options below.

As a teammate you will be sponsoring a specific player, and will receive his player card.  We will also send updates on his progress several times a year, and you will get to partner with him during his journey through the academy.  Who knows – you may get to watch him play on TV in the future, and know that you helped him to get there.

Example of a Player Card

Join us in supporting these players by clicking below to donate today!

US Teammates

South African Teammates

You may transfer money by way of EFT to:
Ubuntu Football Trust
Nedbank Branch Number: 10110900
Account Number: 1015402542
South Africans, please set up a recurring debit order to our account, and please make sure you email us to let us know so that we can partner your support to a player and give you occasional feedback.