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Our Strategy

The Ubuntu Strategy

Our program is built around two key pillars; Football Forward and the Ubuntu Football Academy.  Both of these programs prioritize character and leadership development through football. Football Forward is our community level, grassroots program, and the Ubuntu Football Academy offers an intensive football, education and leadership development environment to particularly talented young footballers.

Ubuntu Football Forward focuses on providing a safe, fun and positive environment for all children within a community to play football, interact with positive role models and develop great life skills. Football Forward is for children between the ages of 7 and 12 years old, and offers 75 minute sessions twice weekly to each age group. A typical session will include a short technical skill coaching section, approximately 50 minutes of non-stop 5-a-side football and a ten minute life skill session, where we encourage values such as respect, honesty and hard work.

The Ubuntu Football Academy offers intensive coaching, quality education and holistic mentorship to exceptional young players over a sustained period of 6 years (13-18 years). The Academy aims to help young footballers to pursue their dream of professional football, but even more importantly, to see them grow into responsible adults who will be the great leaders of tomorrow.  We provide professional football coaching 4 to 5 times per week, ongoing mentorship from positive role models and full education bursaries to an outstanding school where each player receives excellent individual attention.