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Becoming Stronger

One of our most core values at Ubuntu is developing our boys into the next great leaders and men of South Africa. Men who are going to go on and lead their families and their communities and ultimately change their world through that. However, in the midst of playing in Cape Town’s top division, choosing to play without two of your starters can be tough. That’s why this weekend’s game against Vasco da Gama (a top side in our league) served as a solid reminder of what we’re all about. We made the decision to discipline two of our starters this weekend which meant we had to go to an alternate formation. It wasn’t our ideal formation and while we would have love to come out against Vasco with our strongest line-up, we did what we believe is most important here at Ubuntu–developing the person. We had to show them that being chronically late or not showing up for training is not acceptable and therefore it won’t be tolerated. That we function as whole unit and can’t when others are doing their part. The team knew this was why we had to make these changes this weekend and they understood.

It’s never fun being disciplined, especially when your actions affect your teammates. However, it is a part of growing up and maturing though and it’s what these 13 year old boys need. In the midst of slack parenting and low societal expectations, our boys need this discipline and refinement. Because while they can’t see it now, we know that years down the road they’re going to be better men because of it.

Despite the alternate formation and lessons to be learned, our boys still performed incredibly. Given players having to play where they did, we still played excellent and while we drew 0-0, I still see Saturday’s game as a win for us. We played well, got one more point and taught our boys an important lesson. One of our boys even said after the game, “Wait until we play them at home. Then we’re really going to get them.” As one of the boys’ coaches it was pretty cool to hear their inner sense of pride in who they are. A nice way to end Saturday’s game.

With more news coming at you soon,

Austin Dietz
Intern at Ubuntu Football

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